Vassilka Shishkova

Vassilka Shishkova is an independent arts and culture researcher and impact evaluator based in Sofia,

Her quest for finding strong evidence of the impact of cultural and arts projects in the NGO sector
started in 2011 when she joined the Global Libraries Bulgaria Programme, an initiative funded by The Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation, under the management of UNDP and the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.
Since then she has been engaged in the impact evaluation of libraries and cultural centres. Vassilka has
been collaborating with IETM on impact of the arts publications since 2015 and in 2019 she has been
IETM’s research and publication officer. She has worked as a recorder at the RECcORD project (2016-17)
and other Creative Europe and ECoC projects across Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, UK.

Selected publications: Shishkova, V., Look, I’m priceless! Handbook on how to assess your artistic
organization, IETM Brussels, 2017 (available here). Shishkova, V., Mapping of Types of Impact Research
in the Performing Arts. Sector (2005-2015), IETM Brussels 2015 (available here); Shishkova, V., Fields of
Vision. Other voices, rural places, global stories, IETM Brussels 2018 (available here); Shishkova, V. –
editor, Arts in Rural areas, IETM Brussels 2020 (available here)