Manuela Sarkissyan

Manuela Sarkissyan is born in Varna. She graduates from French-language high school and
afterwards she becomes an alumna of NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov” in prof. Zheny Pashova’s Puppetry

Currently she is a freelance actress. She participates in a series of national and international projects
in the field of contemporary dance and performance, street, physical, improv and puppet theatre. In
2010 she is selected for the IV-th International Summer Theatre School organized by the Russian
Theatre Union in Russia; in 2012 she is a danceWEB scholarship holder in the frame of Impulstanz –
Vienna; in 2019 she is chosen to be participant in Bridging the scenes exchange program between
Performing Arts Festival – Berlin, ACT Independent Theater Festival – Sofia и Det Frie Felts Festival –

In the beginning of 2011 she co-founds SIDEA – A Cultural development foundation based in Varna.
Her active period there lasts to 2015 as in artistic role as well as in cultural operator one. She is
manager of RADAR festival beyond music for two years and also she is one of the creators of Cultural
cooperative – a network for sharing resources ( an online platform for artists and organizations in the
cultural and creative sector).

Manuela is a project coordinator on behalf of the artistic team of city of Varna as a candidate for
European capital of culture 2019 at the last stage of the competition.

The artistic projects she is part of are created through devised theatre method and in the same time
the biggest part of the educational initiatives she is involved in are led in co-teaching process. She is
interested in: creative experimentation with different means of expression, materials and topics; the
power of art as a binder for diverse worlds; multidisciplinary, site-specific and participatory works;
informal education in a variety of theatrical formats; sustainable development.

Since the mid of 2019 she is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Independent theater board.